Yesterday I watched the movie Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah. It was a familiar story– a woman who believes she is going to die sets out to do all the things she had avoided in her life. It was an entertaining movie and I enjoyed it. One detail stuck in my mind. She kept a scrapbook called “Possibilities”. In it she had pictures of places she wanted to visit, people she admired, her dreams. When she learns her diagnosis, she goes to one of the places in her book to spend every last cent she has. At the end of the movie, she takes this book and covers the title with a new one: “Realities”.

I thought, What a wonderful idea to put into practice! Of course in the movie this scrapbook held all the things she wanted but didn’t go after. Perhaps a scrappbook with movable pages and two sections, one for “Possibilities” and one for “Realities” would be a better choice. Like this Binder Scrapbook. I think I may undertake a project like this, a sort of visual way to get a hold of my goals and dreams.


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