Boo To You!

Am I the only procrastinator out there? Am I the only one who has yet to carve their jack-o-lantern? We bought one this weekend and will have to sit down tonight and carve it. We’re still better than last year. We spent the afternoon of the 31st in 2005 carving ours 🙂

In other scary news, NaNo is looming closer. I have the vaguest outline of a plot. It’s a departure from the normal fantasy I write. I usually lean towards high fantasy– you know, knights and dragons, castles and all that. This one is more of an urban fantasy. My protagonist has psychic powers. She comes from a psychic family (who also happen to be a wee bit crazy) that she is trying to distance herself from, but she keeps getting pulled back. I so want to call it The Psionic Woman but I don’t think it fits. Maybe I’ll keep that as a working title.  😉

Need some help getting organized (like me)?
Plot Helpers:

Character Helpers:

Just for Fantasy Writers:

Maybe Later (Resources For After November):

I’ve just noticed this year that NaNo has a Young Writer’s Program for students. My 9 year old loves to write stories, but I don’t think I’ll have him participate this year. He’s hoping to be picked for our school district’s Young Writer’s Conference in a few months.


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  1. Thanks for such great resources. I’m looking forward to reading your new novel. I’ve certinally enjoyed what you have written so far.

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