We Can Be Heroes Just For One Day

Well I saw this quiz over at Lisa’s Blog and I had a giggle at the question about “A meteor HURDLING towards the earth…” I imagine they mean HURTLING since I’ve never seen a meteor at a track meet.

Green Arrow
Your stats:
Autonomy: 56%
Image: 56%
Ideology: 45%
Perspective: 41
Name: Green Arrow
Alter Ego: Oliver Queen
Abilities: Supreme archery skills, acrobatics and martial arts skills.
Lone Wolf. Extroverted. Practical. Focused.One of the more progressive heroes, Green Arrow is, as his facade would suggest, somewhat of a modern Robin Hood. Much like his darker counterpart, Batman, he started as a highly skilled yet fundamentally human hero whose intellect, skills and virtually limitless resources have allowed him to join the ranks of the great superheroes. However, unlike Batman, Green Arrow lost his millions, which has since motivated him to become the hero and protector of underprivelaged, so called “lower” class.

The DC Comic Book Superhero Test written by Phil_Ken_Seben


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