Post NaNo

Well, it’s over. I finished at 40,100 give or take a few words. Not the 50,000 goal, BUT I have a finished story– beginning middle end. The middle does need a little work as I kind of wandered a bit in both plot and characters. But overall, I’m satisfied. Now back to tweaking what I’m going to call The Winged One. I was working on that when I stopped for NaNo. I just need to go back and edit a few spots. Then I plan on starting the agent search and query writing.

Here are a few resources on editing for fiction:

And I have my own list of “weasel words” that I use MS Word’s search function to find. Most of these are padding that I can take out to create stronger sentences, but some are also words I know I’ve used excessively in a given work. For example, when I edit my NaNo manuscript I will add fierce and fiercely because I knew I was using them too much.

My Weasel Words:

  • that
  • suddenly
  • felt
  • realized
  • managed
  • was
  • really
  • just

One Response

  1. Oh, I love the title!

    “The Winged One”

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