Beware The Eyes of March


Yesterday was the Ides of March. When I was young, I misheard “Beware the Ides of March” as “Beware the EYES of March.” I always wondered why this particular month had eyes, and why exactly I should look out for them. I mean, they are eyes– what could they do? Unless of course they could shoot lasers or something. Thankfully I never thought about that because I am sure I would have had nightmares about laser-shooting eyes chasing me around.

So, to satisfy my curiosity (and snuff out any lingering nightmare fodder) I searched for the meaning of ‘ides’ and found every month had an ides once upon a time. Thanks to Caesar’s assassination and Shakespeare’s retelling of it we only really remember March’s. In the Roman calendar the ides originally marked the full moon. Eventually it became a fixed date (either the 13th or 15th).

I’m thinking here in the US we should really beware the ides of April.


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  1. I always wondered what that meant.

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