I Get So Sucked Into These Things…

Joshilyn posted a meme. You google “yourname needs” (using of course your name). What I found on google was multiple blog entries doing the same thing, so I don’t think they really count. So. Weeding out the blog posts I found:

Laura needs prayers again (maybe I do…)
Laura needs a hobby (don’t I have enough?)
Laura needs to kick Luke’s ass for essentially abandoning LuLu (ah… General Hospital)
Laura needs to kill Helena (if only I knew who she is…)
Laura needs a b*tch-slap (Hmm…never been told THAT before)
Laura needs to get out more (probably)
Laura needs to stop thinking of herself as his wife (and begin thinking of myself as what?)
Laura needs more love. Laura needs more praise. Laura needs everything and I need nothing. (poetry in my honor?)
Aunt Laura needs tech support (luckily I have my own personal tech guy)
Laura needs to learn to run a home efficiently and to make family life enjoyable for all (so just what are you saying?)
Laura needs to be downstairs (on occasion, yes)
Laura needs to let him know when to make the request (I’ll be sure and tell him)
Laura needs to follow procedure as outlined by her state (damn bureaucracy)


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  1. Fun idea!

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