I’ve been reading The Well-Fed Writer and I’d like to start copywriting– I like doing this kind of writing (call me weird, I know). Years ago I used to do the newsletter for my MOMS club and really enjoyed it. And I write (or at least edit) copy for my hubby’s business when he needs it.

So I have limited experience and the thought of putting myself out there terrifies me. Can I do it? Will I look like an idiot who doesn’t know what she’s doing?– ’cause that’s how I feel! Throughout the book, the author says if he can do it anyone can, but I’m really wondering if it’s true. I have no professional experience from any previous jobs (I worked at the mall before staying home with the kids– lot of good my BA did me!). Many of the examples cite people who went with their previous job knowledge to find those first gigs– like someone who formerly worked in healthcare copywriting in the medical field.

I have a whole slew of what ifs in my head. If I do both the copy and the design, would I then also be responsible for printing? I know nothing about printing besides of the copy center at Staples (which is hardly professional printing!)

It’s entirely possible that I’m over-thinking this and should just swallow my doubts and try. There’s not much I’d need to spend monetarily to start. We already own computers and also a color laser printer. Hubby got it to print his own marketing materials and it does look great. When we made cub scout flyers several parents thought we had them professionally printed. I should probably invest in a style manual (mine is about 15 years old) and a good dictionary since mine seems to have disappeared. So mostly it’d just be my time spent. But where to begin? How do I decide what types of businesses to target? Perhaps I need a business mentor.

Well, while I ponder, you can check out The Well-Fed Writer.com.


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  1. Trying won’t hurt. I think you can do it!!

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