Easing Back

It’s been a while since I blogged. I just kind of forget about it for a while and then realize it’s been a month or so. I’ve been doing that with my writing lately as well. I was all set to get together queries to send out to agents and just stopped. Got scared, but I told myself the manuscript wasn’t ready yet. Well, that’s both true and untrue. It is completed. I probably need another go through before the whole thing is polished. After sending it to my crit group I realized I have a few details that I never filled in. I just left my writer’s notes even when I edited last time. Darn procrastination! BUT I have enough done that I ca start the ball rolling. Enough polished for the first three chapters if they are requested. And maybe sending them out will give me the push to get finished all the way.

As for new stuff, I’m still pushing away at my second manuscript. I’ve drastically changed part of the plot and need to rewrite a lot. I also got a surprise twist in the last scene I wrote. My heroine did something I wasn’t expecting and now I have to rethink a few subsequent scenes. And the beginnings of a plot are wandering around in my head– a sequel to the first manuscript.

In other creative things, I STILL have not drawn in my sketch book. Perhaps this nice weather will inspire me to bring it out. I did however, get a nice new camera– Nikon D40— and took pictures at the Cape May Zoo and the beach over the long weekend. I also have a hand-me-down laptop from my hubby that has photoshop on it, so I’ll be learning to use that as well.

Want to see some of the pictures?
Cape May Macaw

Cape May Giraffe

Boys of Summer

New Jersey Sunset


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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Keep writing, it will come together! I had a thought about one of your characters last night. I’ll email you.

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