Writing Breakthrough!

I spent about 20 minutes yesterday writing on my current story. For some reason this part has been stuck in my head, unwilling to come out on paper. Yesterday I sat out back on my swing in the humidity (with a few cats and dogs gathered for good measure) and a scene came pouring out. I had to stop to make dinner but I got about four handwritten pages first. I think it’ll read a bit more stream of consciousness than I usually write my fiction, but that’s what editing is for 🙂 There are still a few elements I know I need to add, but I’m looking forward to getting on with the next part. I think this will turn out to be one of pivotal scenes in the book. Maybe that’s why I was having so much trouble.

For my other book (The Winged Ones), I have not done any real work. I’ve been working on it so long (2 years, I believe) that the thought of reworking even more (which it needs) has put me off. Plus I feel like it’s getting way too long for a respectable book, even a fantasy one.

But I have been photoshopping again 🙂 I like this one, but I think the line of the roof is still wrong. It looks too sharp to me.


And just for the cuteness factor, Pixel:




5 Responses

  1. Great new header! And hurray for inspiration and getting writing done!

  2. Perhaps with the roof image, you need another item in the foreground to help the viewer enter the image and alight on the roofline?

    Great news on the writing – I just love it when I hit my stride on a piece, and something that’s really ready comes pouring out onto the page!

  3. Hope the inspiration is holding 🙂 I agree with JLB on the roof image.

  4. You’ve been tagged Seven Random Things About Me more here http://dreamstoreality.typepad.com

  5. You guys are right. I need something in the foreground. Should have had my kids stand there 🙂

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