How I Made the Poster

Lauri has asked how I made the poster. Let’s see if I can remember how I did this.  First off I used Photoshop, so I only know how to do it using that.  I removed all the background from the original photo.  I don’t know a short cut for doing that.  I just highlighted chunks at a time and erased them, then went back over the very edges.  I didn’t worry if it was a little off because with the filter on it you can’t really tell if I messed up 🙂

Next I used a filter.  This is were me memory gets fuzzy.  I tried several before I found a look I liked.  I am fairly certain I used “dry brush” to get that.  I also learned that before selecting the filter I needed to change the color to teal (to match his room) by clicking on the color square on the toolbar and choosing a new one.  The I put an “outer glow” on it.  This also is sketchy in my memory 🙂  There’s a toolbar box with a tab that says “styles” and I was randomly clicking those to see what they do.  The glow is one of them.

After that I added a new layer in a neutral color (the tan) for background.  This will also show the “outer glow” better and you can see if you’ve missed any tiny pieces of background.  They’d show up like this:



5 Responses

  1. quite impressive if your doing it for the first time….though i dint get what your trying to do there, sounds pretty k to me. Its all about the memories and ideas in your head which makes it so great.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful post. It touched me greatly. You wrote so simply – so honestly and without any pretension to high art or some spiritual values that you wanted to depict in your poster. You just played and confess that openheartedly. Wow, THAT is the greatest value of itself. I looked at you poster. Our pictures differ between greatly, BUT I recognized a lot of myself in your description. Thank you for the fine practical lesson on humility.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I wasn’t really trying to do or say anything with this project other than making something my son would like to hang in his room.

  4. Thanks Laura for posting these directions. The picture is just beautiful. It looks very professional. I think you could sell them on etsy.

  5. Nice work! If you want a canvas check out their prices are decent and their quality is great! Turn-around time is also quick.

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