What Did I Do Over the Weekend?

Thanks for asking. We took a cub scout trip to Hickory Run State Park in the drizzly rain. We saw a field of boulders, aptly named… Boulder Field. I had visited as a teenager so felt no desire whatsoever to clamber about on slippery rocks with several 8-10 year old boys. Luckily all the other parents DID, so I sat at the edge of the field, reasonably out of the rain. That little green dot in the center of the frame? That is my son about halfway across the field.

Boulder Field

But I made a nice little friend when I moved further into the trees for rain cover. Actually I scared him so much he jumped about a foot in the air and scampered onto this log.


Then we were taken on a “short” hike that really should have been called ‘The Neverending Trek On The Rocky Side Of A Mountain, So Long That Your Out-of-shape Body May Actually DIE Before You Finish.” But I think that was too long. Instead they just called it Hawk Falls Trail. Probably because it led you to Hawk Falls. Incidentally, I remembered to fool around with the camera’s apeture to change the look of the water. My sons were not really impressed 🙂

Hawk Falls


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