In Which Our Pets Have Identity Problems….

CarmelSomething must be in the air. Maybe it’s the beginning of autumn. Maybe it is the recent full moon. Perhaps it has to do with the one eyed pekingese we’re watching (she loves to chase cats). Whatever it is, something odd is up with our pets.

As I was bringing the dogs in yesterday our orange kitty (Carmel) ran across the yard and when Simon failed to notice his playful approach Carmel swatted him across the butt. Now, Simon has so much fluffy double-coated fur that I am sure this barely registered. Maybe felt like a strong wind blew across him. Undaunted, Carmel set his sites on Tasha. He fluffed himself up and ran sideways at her but she also failed to notice (even though he made himself so huge and menacing). He ended up spending his energy by running up a tree and jumping back down.

Then yesterday I was watching Tahsa out in the yard and noticed her pawing at a pile of leaves. It looked very cat-like the way she was pouncing, which is not completely unheard of for her. Heck this is the dog the used to walk across the top of the picket fence in her younger years. But then she lunged down, picked up something in her mouth and dropped it. Kind of tossed it like she would a toy. When hubby went out to investigate he found that she had caught a vole. The cats took over from there. Maybe she was just returning the favor. After all, it’s rare that a week go by in which the cats don’t bring her a bunny to eat. Ahhh… living with carnivores.


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