Back to School

Well, not really. I’ve been looking at the free photography classes over at HP’s website and while the are not really in depth, I’m picking up some basic ideas that I hadn’t gotten before. I never really grasped the whole aperture thing. Don’t know why, but I never truly understood. I think I’ve got a better idea now. Before, most of my good shots were lucky ones. There are some tips in these classes that I can think about now while I’m shooting.

I was practicing with the aperture settings and since the dog was the only one home, he got to be my subject. Surprisingly he takes to this about as well as my kids. He’ll tolerate it for so long and then hide from me. But I got a few that I thought were cute. You’d think with all the leaves on the ground it was a nice cool autumn day with that wonderfully crisp smell in the air. No. It was 88 degrees and humid.

Simon one

Simon two


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