Blog Cruising

Have you ever gone traipsing about the internet and forgotten how you’ve gotten so far from home? I’ve been doing just that this morning (and now afternoon) and I was remembering how years ago I would spend too much time doing just that– jumping from site to site. When the web was new to me and I had no kids to tend to I’d spend whole evenings just following links for no other reason than to see where they led. Here are a few things I found today:

  • Photobooth Friday at Hula Seventy– pictures from photobooths (obviously) that people share. I can’t say I’ve seen one of those booths recently, but they must still exist.
  • Self Portrait Challenge— this seems to be on break until January, but there’s a theme for each month and participants post photos.
  • A Creative Journal— Lots of info for those who journal. I’ve been thinking I need to start journaling again. My birthday (tomorrow) always makes me think of what I should do in the coming year. And this is one of them.
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Novelists— A group of genre authors post to this group blog.
  • Easy Cookies at Make Art Everyday– Wish I had seen these a few weeks ago to make with my boys!
  • Tree Sweater at Redshirt Knitting– Umm… OK.

More to come later!


One Response

  1. Yes, isn’t it interesting indeed how we can nearly get lost as we cruise the blog circuit! Being on dial up I don’t have to worry quite as much — it prevents me from spending much time with the blogs, though I’m constantly finding new and great ones.

    Diane, at Sand to Glass
    Dogs Naturally

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