I’m a Pirate!

PirateI decided to check out the Pirates of the Caribbean online game (piratesonline.com) and I have a few comments about it. Overall, I really like the game. It was easy for me– someone who doesn’t regularly game– to get into and do well. My hubby (who is a an WoWer) was not as impressed. I like that it’s a fairly kid friendly game (I think they advertise as ages 10+). Each account has the ability to create multiple characters but we have not utilized that function since only one can play at a time. Both of my boys think it’s fun to all log on and run around together but we each had to create our own account to do this.

This is my biggest complaint. It’s a Disney run game so I assumed it would be more family accessible. I even sprung for a month of full access which is $4.95 for the first month. But I will cancel since the price jumps up to $9.95 a month after that. A year subscription is $79.95 which seems extremely high to me. I might consider it if multiple players could be on at a time. Each account has four characters available so why can’t four be on at once? I guess it all comes down to Disney greed.

The other problems I have may just be my system (which is decent). There is an insane amount of lag for me. Even on the servers with “ideal” traffic I have a horrible time moving anywhere. And on our several years old PC forget about doing anything at all. My husband has a more powerful laptop and it runs fine on that, but I wish the game ran better on an average system.

I’ll probably keep a free account open so if you’re ever inclined to go on you might just see me!


2 Responses

  1. I completely understand your frustration, however this is how all the MMOG’s are run. It’s been this model for years now. All the big online games (WOW, DAOC, LOTR..etc) charge a monthly fee (which is usually much higher..in the $15 range) and though you can create multiple characters…they too only allow you to play one at a time per account. It may be why there are so many free smaller online games coming out. But they are not without their own set of problems. Who knows what the future will bring..but even the current big games that are in develpment now..plan on using this same model.

  2. Oh, I know (from my hubby) that most are set up like that. It’s just frustrating since we all want to play at the same time 🙂 His opinion is that the fee for Pirates is too high for what was offered, though. I don’t want to waste money on a game that lags on my system. I suppose since it’s shown as a more “family” game (and being from Disney) I expected a better option than getting an account for each member of the family. Well, nothing is perfect I guess.

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