Sign & Drive

No, I’m not thinking about that car commercial (is it Volkswagen? I forget.)   Now I know some people get all upset over cell phone conversations while driving, but seriously?  I saw something just a tad bit more dangerous.  Today as I was heading out to get some boy scout things for my new boys scout I was behind a little red car that was driving rather erratically.  As I kept an eye on her I realized the two people in the car were signing to each other.  All well and good at a stop light, but while moving the driver took both hands off the steering wheel many, many times to sign something, then watched as her companion replied.  Jeez, I thought they were heading for a crash.  Especially the way she kept wandering across the yellow line on a rather busy street.  I can understand that for at least one of them this was probably the only way to communicate, but really, was the conversation THAT important?


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