Knit a Bit….

I’ve gotten back to knitting lately. I just finished a sweater for a cousin who’s due in June (and in the hospital on bed rest hoping to keep the baby in until then!) Of course I forgot to take pictures of the set before I gave it to her. It was an on-the-fly creation and I didn’t think to keep track of what I was doing (not even how many stitches I casted on) so I don’t think I can recreate it easily.  I really should write this stuff down.

Tomorrow there will be pictures of our Valley Forge excursion, but for now here are some of my favorite knitting links:

  • Knitty– great patterns and they are running a contest right now
  • Knitting on the Net– patterns from the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting
  • Knitting Help– video tutorials (for both right- and left-handers!), patterns and glossary
  • Cabled Hooded Pullover– someday I’ll make this…

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