Valley Forge (part one)

First, this is my favorite picture of the day. And the best thing about it? Q called me over and said “Hey mom take my picture!” He posed himself and I think it’s a great picture of him.

Our first stop was the Washington Memorial Chapel. Last time we visited it was closed, so this was our first chance to see the inside. The stained glass windows and detailed woodworking are amazing.

This one is a bit crooked and I haven’t gotten it just right yet, so here’s the original:

Outside of the chapel there is a kind of covered walkway (I’m sure there is an official name for the structure, but I don’t know it). In the arches we found a mourning dove nesting:

And the arches make a great place for pictures:

And with Virtual Photographer I tweaked a little:

From these pictures, it would seem I only had one son with me, but both were there. C had his own camera and was more interested in taking pictures than being in them. In fact he’s had his eye on my D40, but he’s not been allowed to use it yet!


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