Giving Some Crayon Love

So this morning I decided to search out other blogs with “crayon” in the title. I came across some interesting things. The first one is not a blog, but a game. Crayon Physics is part of an experiment by Petri Purho to create a freeware game every month. For this one: “The goal of the game is to move the red ball so that it collects the stars. You can cause the red ball to move by drawing physical objects.” I think I’ll download it. For the kids, of course.

I came across a few great blogs as well:

  • From Pooka’s Crayon This one really caught my attention because Pookah was one of the first names I used online way back when. She has wonderful visual art projects posted.
  • Crimson Crayon This title sounds like some sort of superhero to me, but it’s an art blog. The sketches I saw on the blog are wonderful but I couldn’t get his gallery to show up.
  • Crayon Box of Doom Yet another art blog. But how can you not like a blog with an entry entitled “president’s day is for painting, painting zombies!”
  • Thecrayonartist’s Weblog The tagline is “Artist Jeffrey Roberts creates fine art with ordinary Crayola crayons”. How inspiring is this! I LOVE the one under the post “Shake it Up Baby – Twist and Shout”

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  1. lol……
    are you crayon fan??
    me too…
    try visiting my blog

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