A Good Word is Hard to Find

I’d bet almost any writer has certain”pet” words, ones that they come back to again and again without even realizing it. My pet words change with whatever I’m writing, but I always seem to strike on a word (or words) and overuse them. When rewriting I really wonder how I didn’t see it while I was writing it. I love my thesaurus, but I bought it way back in high school and it’s getting a bit beat up. Besides I’m wondering if a newer edition would have better words. So being as I mostly write on my computer I thought a digital version would be perfect.

I tried to find a Roget or Oxford thesaurus for MS Reader. That way, I could also put a copy on my pocket pc and have it with me at all times! But I can’t seem to find one. So I went to my trusty go-to site for free downloads– Download.com and searched. What I found was WordWeb and it is just what I needed! Along with the Reverse Dictionary (and I can’t thank Lauri enough for sharing that resource!) I’m all set


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  1. Thanks for the link. Reverse dictionary is great!

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