Slowly Losing My Mind

But at least I have one of my marbles left. And look! It’s happy!

I’m taking a photography class at the local community college and our assignment was to play with lighting. I used a flashlight on a handful of marbles to see what kind of reflection I’d get and I thought this was funny.

Also photography related, I’ve joined an event called Shoot! The Day that is sponsored (partly) by PhotoShelter. I’d been thinking of trying to shoot some stock photos to see if I could make a little money to support my photo habit, so this comes at a good time. The actual day is July 20th, but there’s an online community slowly forming, as well as local groups. They also have a wonderful resource for those starting out (or just curious): The School of Stock, where I learned (among other things) that “silo” photos are not of farms. From Lighting the “Silo”:

“Silo” (aka “knock out,” “cut out”, “white seamless”) is an industry term for images shot against a seamless white background.

I don’t know why, but this technique really appeals to me. I will probably try this– if I can find a white backdrop around the house that works.


3 Responses

  1. Is that marble your photo? Boy is it cool.

  2. Yeah, I took that. Thanks for the compliment. I’m thinking of using it as a avatar on some sites 🙂

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