Searching For Creativity

Creativity-wise, I’ve been feeling a little dried up lately.  Maybe it was the end of summer vacation finally wearing down on me (my boys were bickering constantly) or maybe I’ve just gotten out of the habit of creating.  Either way, I’m stuck and stagnant.  I think one of my biggest problems is that I complicate things unnecessarily.  Sometimes I find myself thinking, ‘If I had a usable office I could write’ or ‘If I had more room to set up a studio, I’d take more pictures.’

While, yes, these things would make it easier, I don’t *need* them to create.  I’m letting external factors dictate my productivity.  I realize outside circumstances are always going to affect my work, but can I still write at the dining room table until the office is cleared out enough for me to use?  YES.  Can I still take some beautiful photos without the “proper” lighting and set up?  Well, I have in the past, so again, I’d say YES.

I’ve been looking around online for some inspiration and I stumbled across a few blogs that I think will help me quite a bit:

  • Zen Habits -It’s subtitled “Simple Productivity”.  That sounds just about right for what I need.  The post that got me was 21 Easy Hacks To Simplify Your Life
  • LifeDev -I’ve looked at LifeDev several times over the last few months and always seem to find a relevant post.  I’m especially intrigued by Open Sourcing Your Creativity.
  • 43 Folders – I’ve not looked around this site extensively, but there seems to be some good tips and ideas to think about.
  • Be Jane – While this is not so much like the other three, I came across this “Women’s Home Improvement Community” while I was trying to decide if I should paint over the kitchen wallpaper or try to rip it down.  Turns out this isn’t such an odd decision– I found an article on How to Paint Over Wallpaper.  Turns out my wallpaper was glued to unprimed drywall, so this is the best solution.

Now, if someone could just tell me why I always manage to drip coffee on my shirt, we’ll be all set.


3 Responses

  1. These are great links, thanks!

  2. Maybe the lack of creativity simply means the need for a break, or to try something new — a new perspective.

    I almost hate to admit it but my cup runneth over with creative ideas. One website I adore is Shutter Sisters and I also contribute to their Flickr group about once a week or so … their blog is really wonderful for inspiration if you haven’t checked it out yet. I hope your future endeavours are filled with creativity!


  3. I think you’re on to something Diane 🙂 I do need to try something new. Part of the problem is an anxiety disorder. Some days just forcing myself to leave the house is an all day ordeal 🙂

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