Lesson 1 – Assingment 2

Take photos from different viewpoints–


3 Responses

  1. I like “Near” because the leaves for an interesting curve.

    “Underneath” is really interesting, almost an abstract. The blurred green background sets off the brown branch nicely. I see a clear, clean leading line AND and a triangle in the lower right corner. I really like that shot.

    “Close up” shows off the color contrast very well, but I’d have liked to have seen you get even closer. I like super-close close-ups, but that’s just me.

    Interesting how everyone so far has chosen to photograph something in nature for this assignment — leaves and flowers.
    Really nice job on this.

  2. Yeah, I like underneath too. It’s my favorite of the set and I did think it made a good abstract. I guess the key for me is to not TRY to make an abstract 🙂 I would have like to take one more even closer shot of the leaf, but I had already maxed the zoom lens and it was high up 🙂

    I’m really happy with this set. thanks for your comments

  3. Linda, what a great idea to give instruction on your blog. THis past year I opened a photoblog and have been trying to give viewers an idea of why or how I took the photo — more of the “what inspired me” but I like so much that you’re giving a helping hand to aspiring photographers. Great idea!!

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