Not Much Creativity Going On….

It must be this time of year– I just look up this post from February 2008– Searching— about losing my creativity.  But there’s also so much going on right now and the first things I usually shove away when I’m stressed are probably the things I need the most.  I haven’t taken any photos other than the obligatory holiday snaps of the kids (and even those are pretty bad!).  I only picked up my knitting because it was an inexpensive way to make presents.

And I haven’t written any fiction– In fact I’ve barely kept up with my books reviews at BellaOnline.  Come to think of it, that is probably because my reading has declined.  Usually I always have a book in hand (or purse!) for those spare moments that I can delve in, but even that had become too much effort.

I think I’m about to get back in the swing of it all, but it feels odd to get back in.  Why is that?  Has it become outside my comfort zone in just a few months?  Or is it a fear that all of this “creativity” is frivolous?  I think that’s more it for me.  I wish I could silence that little voice (the one that doubles as my internal editor– my word he’s busy!) that guilts me into leaving all my hobbies.  “He” wonders how I can waste my time fooling around with the camera or liquid binder when we’re struggling to make ends meet?  Sure wish I could get him to shut up!  Anyone have a good way to get through this kind of stuff?


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