YIKES! Did This Ever Speak To Me!

I was browsing the handful of blogs I like to visit regularly and this post on LifeDev caught my attention: How Not Knowing Can Unleash Your Creative Genius.  This is what I’ve always struggled with in terms of creativity.  To quote:

We’ve been taught that wisdom is about adding knowledge, and our innate wisdom, creativity and responsiveness is devalued as childish, impulsive and naive…

It’s a funny thing.  I do listen to my innate wisdom in other contexts, such as parenting or running our business, but somehow it gets turned off with most of my creative endeavors.  The only time I know that I do just make it up as I go is with knitting.  I’m always making changes to patterns (many times because I *hate* to join seams and will do anything to avoid it).  And many times I don’t even work from a pattern at all and let my experience guide the stitches.

Maybe it’s the subjective nature of some arts that makes me want to perfect my creativity.  I mean, if I make a wrong choice in knitting, I can see it.  I’ll know if the sweater doesn’t fit right or if one end of the blanket is wider than the other.  If I write crappy fiction, will I know?  If my photos aren’t using the right technique will someone tell me?