Photo Course- Lesson Two

You can see the whole lesson here.  It’s about shutter speed and aperture.  And I have to say it STILL won’t stick in my head.  I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to get this bit down, but it never stays with me, so I’m always fiddling and taking too long to set up a shot (which explains some of the problems I had at the park a couple weeks ago!)  The first two assignments are to take a landscape shot and change aperture and shutter speed to see the changes.  I wanted to get out this week, but the weather has been crazy!  It rained all last weekend (and my poor first-year Boy Scout was on a hiking trip in part of the Appalachian Trail).  Then yesterday, it SNOWED.  Not what I expect for October in the Philadelphia area.  And today is really cold (and I’m a wimp when it comes to cold).  So.  I may do some shooting out my back window 🙂

The third assignment I should be able to do, but I’m drawing a blank.  It says: Go out and take some pictures using shutter speed – either fast or slow – to create an effect. Be creative and have fun! Should be easy, right? Well, while I keep trying to find something fast, here are some from the past that I think fit this idea:

The bike ride one is from the same set that I used for this project.